Funky Costa Rican Fruit

I’m completely fascinated — delighted really — with granadillas. They are the coolest fruit ever: delicious, while at the same time they could inspire a special effects professional when creating a new version of aliens from outer space.

I think the ones here in Costa Rica, at least where I am, are the Passiflora ligularis or sweet granadilla. They are delicious as a fruit juice, but I prefer to eat them as a fruit because of their strange and wonderful physical characteristics.

First, there’s the bulbous, hard, crusty shell.

Sweet granadilla, Costa Rica

Then there is the internal sac where the seeds and juice reside. On the inside of the sac are little white, spongy “fingers” that remind me of sea anemones.

Sweet granadilla, Costa Rica

At the tip of each spongy finger is a seed, surrounded by a clear sac of juice. The spongy fingers are inserted into the seed sacs, so as you peel the spongy sac back, the fingers slide out. Oddly, this infrequently spills any of the juice.

Sweet granadilla, Costa Rica

The seeds are crunchy, the juice is tasty, and the whole experience makes me feel like a kid again, because I want to play with my food.


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