Fresh, Homemade Kefir Cheese

Patsy is an excellent cook, always experimenting with different flavours and trying new things. Recently she’s begun culturing kefir, a highly probiotic fermented milk, which she makes using the fresh, unpasteurized milk we drink straight from the cows on the property. (Well, it’s put in bottles first.) Kefir is similar to a thin yogurt, very good for you, and can be used like buttermilk or yogurt in cooking and baking. It can also be drunk straight up.

Patsy already makes mozzarella and something akin to spreadable feta, so when I stumbled on a recipe for kefir cheese she was all over it. The first step in making the cheese is to drain the whey from the curd.

making kefir cheese

That leaves…




No whey!

After mixing up a variety of flavours using spices and fresh herbs we let them sit for several hours to absorb the flavours. Later that afternoon, it was time for taste testing!


My personal favourite was the fresh garlic and basil version. Yum!

(In the photo above the white stuff in the jar is kefir curds, culturing in some fresh, unpasteurized milk.)


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