Rain Storm in Costa Rica

I’ll bet when someone says they are going to Costa Rica, this is what you picture:

Costa Rica Beach

But that’s not always true. In fact, Costa Rica is a tropical country with a whole lot of land that isn’t beach. And, in order to keep it lush and green, sometimes Costa Rica looks like this:

Rainstorm Costa Rica Style

We’re well into dry season right now and a good drenching is much appreciated (especially by the horses!). Yesterday we got a doozie of a downpour and the timing is perfect as we’re hosting another Parelli natural horsemanship clinic on the weekend. Thank you rain gods!

Check out how the ditch around the garden gets filled to overflowing in just a couple of minutes:

PS: I gotta tell ya. It may be wet, but it sure beats the heck out of shovelling snow. (Here’s to you, Eastern Canada!)


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