Grey-necked Wood-rail

We are blessed with this beautiful ground bird on Finca Las Alturas.  Although many consider this a doubled edged blessing, especially at dawn when they chat (or should I say yell at the top of their lungs) back and forth amongst themselves.  They are very alert to danger, probably because they can barely gain enough speed running to lift up and over a stump.  Being so vulnerable on the ground, you’d wonder why they make their presence so obvious.  However, they must know that when they are “singing” nothing else in the world is awake yet.

Living mainly down by the pool and lake, our Wood-rails gorge on tadpoles, bugs and whatever else they can find under the fallen leaves.  This particular Wood-rail has ventured up to the house and has discovered bits of rice and veggies escaping from our broken sink drain.  Nothing goes to waste on this farm.


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