A Day of Finding Nests

Today has been the day for spotting nests. Everywhere I look I seem to see another one and each is unique.

When you think of “nests” perhaps your first thought is birds. In fact, most nests I’ve seen here in Costa Rica are insect related. Below are all wasp nests.

Ants are another popular insect…well, not popular exactly…who build interesting nests. Below are a few ant nests I came across. I thought the little brown one was inactive until I’d clipped it, carried it some distance, and was getting close to the house. When Patsy asked if I was going to cut it open to see how it was constructed inside, I responded affirmatively and suddenly ants began swarming out of the nest with their eggs. Whereupon I immediately dropped it. I think they heard us and decided it was time to make their presence known. I’m really glad they did so before I brought it them the house.

Termite nests come in many shapes and sizes here in Costa Rica.

Termite nest.

Termite nest embedded in the crook of a tree.

And of course, last but not least, a bird’s nest. There are many, many beautiful birds in Costa Rica, but not many of them set up house just outside the kitchen window in plain view. This fuzzy home looks rather cozy, yet airy enough to be comfortable in the tropics.



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