Grooming at Liberty

I had an amazing day today. Patsy, Heather and I went down to the pasture to go for a walk. The horses were all there at the gate as if waiting for us and were more than happy to indulge us in our offer of hand-grooming at liberty.

I’ve never liked grooming with a horse in cross ties, which is commonly done throughout the world. I especially don’t like that it prevents them from having a normal range of motion with their head and from expressing an opinion about where or how they are being touched. Grooming at liberty is one big step up from grooming  loosely tied, as it shows just where your relationship is with your horse. If they don’t want it, they can leave. And as you can tell, this herd was more than happy to stay.

We had such a beautiful, peaceful time sharing space and affection with this wonderful herd.



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