Coffee Farm

Home Grown, Small Batch Roasted Coffee
At Finca Las Alturas de Puriscal, we are pleased to serve our guests our own brand label coffee which we take much pride in growing, picking, processing, drying, roasting, packaging and merchandizing.

harvesting coffee at Las Alturas de PuriscalPlan to arrive when harvest is underway and you can experience the unique thrill of taking part in the production of 100% local, garden-to-cup, deliciously fresh coffee. If not here for harvest, at the very least you will be able to savour the fruit of Roberto’s efforts.

Coffee Production Process
The first rains in early April commence the flowering of our 10,000+ coffee plants. From April to early September, when Green Season is in full swing, the coffee berries mature and ripen.

Harvest is from September to January. Pickers have a large basket (cujuela) hanging from their waist. Picking the berries and dropping them into the cujuela, a good picker can pick from 10 to 20 cujuelas per 8-10 hour day.
Las Alturas coffee grinder
This fancy looking piece of equipment was designed and built by our son-in-law, Roger. It actually fulfills two very important tasks, first of removing the berry casings and then grinding the coffee for our many satisfied Estate Inn guests.

Once the coffee beans have been separated from the berry casings they are rinsed several times to remove leaves, casings and the honey-like liquid that squeezes out of the ripe berry. The beans are then laid out on screens to dry in the warm Costa Rican sun. It takes approximately five days of summer sun to dry the beans before roasting.

handmade coffee roaster at finca las Alturas, Costa RicaA unique roasting unit was also designed and built by our very capable son-in-law, Roger. It was a propane barbecue that Roger converted to its present use. We roast about 2 kilograms of green beans at a time; it takes roughly 45 minutes at approximately 400° F to complete the process.

Roger also adapted another important part of the process into the roaster so we are able to remove the paper chaff from the dried coffee beans prior to roasting them. 

Once the beans are roasted, they are “aged” for several days, then ground in our stone grinder and package for our customers and guests.

A Genuine Taste of Costa Rica
After many years of learning and perfecting our coffee processing skills, we know how much care and effort goes in to the making of a cup of coffee. We are also proud of the fact we have kept our coffee plants free of herbicides and pesticides in order to give our coffee clients the best cup of coffee from Finca Las Alturas de Puriscal **Cafe** Puro.


One thought on “Coffee Farm

  1. Hola Bob and Patty!

    Saludos from stateside! Just wanted to share the progress of my book- you can now advance order copies online via Kickstarter! I’m coming back through Costa Rica in November so I could even drop it off in person. Thanks for all your help and hospitality (and the best massage of my life!)

    All the best,

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