Our Horses

Our herd of eight horses roam free on the property in as natural an environment as we can provide. They are well cared for and well loved, and as a result are always happy to welcome travellers, guests and students to play, explore, and discover the beauty of Costa Rica.

Gracil is the lead mare and mom of Houdini. She is smart and pretty. Amazing to ride and fun to play with on the ground. She is Trainer Isa’s biggest role model. Gracil has a lot of go that equals her stop. And, she has impulsion. Gracil is a great trail riding horse and happily leads the way on our many tours.


Princesa is a sweetheart. She easily attaches to her human and calls and comes when meeting in the field. She also calls for food if we’re late with feeding! Princesa always tries to do everything right. Princesa is a nice, smooth, reliable ride and likes to follow the group. She has a lovely canter and is experienced in cattle work from her days as a Costa Rica farm horse.



Esquimoso is a very handsome fellow. He loves to be massaged and loved. He is great fun to play with on the ground. Esquimoso loves to jump. He loves to learn new things and is very proud to show them as soon as he’s got it. He likes to follow the group and is part of the clique including Gracil and Houdini who we lovingly refer to as “The Criminals” because they don’t see any reason for the fences we build around them.

Horseback Riding at Liberty, Las Alturas

Houdini, son of Gracil, is the master in finding the way through any fence with his gang “The Criminals”. Houdini has just been started and is an amazing learner. He loves to play and run and have fun.

Houdini, looking for a way out

Snow is our young beauty and a smart mare that is brand new to riding. She is very playful and curious, and loves to explore, run and jump around. Being a snow white albino, she is always trying to camouflage herself by rolling in the mud. She has lived on the farm since she was 4 months old and comes when she is called.

Snow, albino horse at Las Alturas, Costa Rica

Brownie and Bella are mother (13) and daughter (4), rescues who are relatively new to the farm and are new to Parelli natural horsemanship. They are small mountain ponies and love children.

Horseback riding, Las Alturas, Costa Rica

The latest addition to the Finca Las Alturas Adventure Riding herd is Pegasus, a yearling colt who is curious, friendly and confident. His long, chestnut eyelashes have all the girls atwitter. Still clicking his teeth like the baby he is, Pegasus is lead trained and will no doubt become a star in the playground as well as on the trail.

Las Alturas, trail riding, Costa Rica


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