New Foal Meets the Herd

When Pegasus arrived at Finca Las Alturas, he was a year and a half old and still very much a baby. He was first introduced to Esquimoso who played with the foal over the fence for hours. After a few days together to solidify their friendship, Pegasus was introduced to the rest of the herd.

Snow, the five year old albino mare, was torn between flirting and telling the new kid off. That is, until Houdini arrived to protectively chase the baby away (notice Pegasus clicking his teeth, an instinctive way foals tell older horses they are not a threat). Snow decides she can take care of herself, thank you very much, and tells Houdini where to go!

Snow, the White Horse

Snow is one of the cast of equine characters at Finca Las Alturas. She arrived at the farm as a four month old foal and quickly became attached to Patsy, learning to come when her name was called. Which she still does.

As the only white or even light-coloured horse on the farm, Snow is a stand out in the crowd. In a desperate bid to fit in, or so it might seem, Snow is frequently seen rolling in the mud. And even more frequently, she’s seen after she’s been rolling in the mud.

Standing out in the crowd.

In reality, Snow is an albino so her sensitive, pink skin leaves her highly susceptible to sunburn. She often wears a face mask to keep her nose from getting burned and loves to roll in the mud as additional protection from the sun’s rays. We affectionately refer to this habit as “going to the spa.”

Snow at the spa mud bath.

When Snow comes in for a good grooming it kind of does snow, as she has a tendency to shed, especially as the rainy season turns into dry season.

Snow, on the ground

Snow, on the ground.

Uh oh, looks like Snow has been to the spa again

Uh oh, looks like Snow has been to the spa again. Well, half of her, at least.