Old Friend, Special Memories

After an afternoon in a field, hanging out under the trees with a horse I haven’t seen in a year, I’m gratified and grateful today. Gratified that spending time building a relationship can make such a difference in a horse’s life and grateful that I was chosen and trusted by this criollo (grade) mountain pony.

Princesa at the gateWhen I first met Princesa (Princess) over 3 years ago she was shy, lacked confidence, distrusted humans, and was quick to shut down when faced with pressure or uncertainty. This time, not only did my special friend remember me, she greeted me with a resounding whinny.
I’d gone down into one of the pastures looking for the horses and not far down the lane saw them in the next pasture over. “Princesa! How is my lovely?” I called out. She answered immediately and rushed to meet me at the gate. Continue reading


Horses in the Morning

Each morning Trainer Isa brings the herd in from the pasture for a health check, grooming, feeding and training, and of course, trail riding.

On this bright, early morning she finds half of the herd high atop the pasture and leads Snow and Brownie down while Pegasus and Bella follow. Isa must go in search of the remainder of the herd which confuses Bella, as the barn is in the other direction.

Horseback Riding – It’s a Balancing Act

Houdini is a quick study and has learned to stand very still no matter what Trainer Isa is doing. He’s a perfect gentleman, though he does let her know when what she asks is uncomfortable.

Such a calm, confident fellow, Houdini even gets the hang of it when Isa rides him backwards. “These humans are crazy!”

Bringing the Horses Home

Every morning Trainer Isa brings the herd in from the pasture for daily care and training. The mountainside is steep and sometimes it’s a challenge just to find the horses.

Here Isa has ridden Princesa and is leading Bella and Esquimoso. Brownie, Bella’s mom, is following close behind with Snow bringing up the rear. No one wants to be left behind!