Cultural Tours

We moved to Costa Rica twelve years ago and have embraced the Tico (Costa Rican) culture around us. We’d love to share our love of this country and its people. Here are a few of the local cultural tours we are pleased to offer:

Art Studio Tour
Light,  imagination and colour come alive in this stunning home/studio.  Enjoy a tour hosted by the artists and take home a piece of beauty that will forever bring their place to mind.

Trapiche Tour
Enjoy a trapiche tour and see how and where sugar cane is processed into delicious brown sugar. Includes samples!

Cigar Tour
Puriscal’s best kept secret are the quality cigars it makes. Join us on a cigar tour to see first hand how hand rolled cigars are made at a local tobacco plantation.

Church Tour
Each church in Costa Rica is different. On the local church tour view these historic buildings and take in the unique artistic touches each beautiful in its own way.

Pottery Tour
Visit a local artisan potter who makes wonderful ceramic dishes, cups and crafts, some of which are featured in the Las Alturas kitchen. Guests often fall in love with the unique shapes and designs and find space in their luggage to take a few cherished pieces home.

Etched Art Tour
Artistic etchings on ceramics and glassware created by an American couple where you can get your own personalized mug or wineglass to commemorate your unforgettable trip to Costa Rica.

Combo Tours
You are also welcome to combine several of the above attractions and make a very interesting day of it. Mix and match for a great day out and about.

Of course you can spend a lovely afternoon exploring Puriscal, which remains an authentic Costa Rican town. Wander the shops, enjoy lunch at a local soda (cafe), or sit in the park in the centre of town and watch the world go by. And you are welcome to enjoy to join us at the many public festivals held in the area throughout the year.


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